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Swimming Pool Repair

Klean Pools, Inc. has extensive experience repairing in-ground swimming pools. Located in the Richmond, Virginia area, we repair and replace pumps, filters, heaters, covers, liners, and other parts for in-ground swimming pools.

Is your pool filter and pump working properly? Unless it stops working completely, it can be difficult for you to determine if it is working properly. It is not uncommon in older pools to find inefficient pumps and filters that need repair or replacement. Routine maintenance can avoid closely pool repair down the road as well as determine if a system is clogged or losing water due to a damaged hose or pipe. As swimming pool service professionals, we can efficiently work out the problem so you can enjoy using your swimming pool in a healthy and safe manner.

If your pool system suddenly stops working, it may be due to a built-in safety feature. Pool safety features are designed to protect both your family swimming in the pool and the pool system itself. For example, pool heaters often include safety shut-offs; pool repair is usually required when the system shuts itself down.

Please call Klean Pools for your free swimming pool service estimate: (804) 752-4800.

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