Pool Openings

Swimming Pool Openings | Metro Richmond, VA

For swimming pool openings, Klean Pools takes pride in making sure that your pool is sparkling clean and ready for use. It is important when opening your pool that your pool equipment is running properly and safely.

On the first visit, Klean Pools will perform the following tasks for swimming pool openings:

  • Remove and fold the cover
  • Install all deck equipment (ladders, handrails, etc.)
  • Dewinterize and start the filter system
  • Vacuum the pool ((if water clarity permits)
  • Brush the pool
  • Light the heater (if applicable)
  • Add all start-up chemicals

For an additional charge, we continue to visit every 2-3 days until the pool is ready for use.  During these follow-up visits, we perform the following tasks:

  • Brush the pool
  • Vacuum the pool (if water clarity permits)
  • Backwash the filter system
  • Add all necessary chemicals

To expedite the process…

  • Keep your pool filter system backwashed.  This may need to be done once or twice daily.
  • Keep the water level high in your swimming pool.
  • If you have a solid pool cover, keep the water pumped off and the cover free of debris.

Please note that our pool services rates vary based on the swimming pool size and location.  Give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss your pool and provide you with a free estimate for our pool services (Richmond, VA, RVA); (804) 752-4800.