Pool Closing

Swimming Pool Closing Services | Richmond, VA

Klean Pools provides pool closing services to the Metro Richmond, Virginia area (RVA). Here in Central Virginia, the pool closing services include winterization again freeze damage to protect your pool pumps, filtration system, and related swimming pool components.

Klean Pools, Inc. guarantees all winterization against freeze damage.

One of the safest pool covers on the market, we recommend the LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover which is available from Klean Pools. LOOP-LOC pool covers are available in several colors; green, black, blue, gray or tan to complement your outdoor landscaping and design/décor. Also, the LOOP-LOC pool covers are made to fit any pool, any size, and any style.

Please note that our pool services rates vary based on the swimming pool size and location.  Give us a call and we’ll be glad to discuss your pool and provide you with a free estimate for our pool closing and related pool services (Richmond, VA, RVA); (804) 752-4800.