Weekly Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance | Richmond, VA

All swimming pools are different and so are their maintenance needs. For example, there are different kinds of pool filters (i.e., cartridge, sand, diatomaceous earth) and different maintenance procedures for each type. Pool filters require periodic cleaning depending on the type of filter and how often your swimming pool is used. In addition, your pool water should be tested regularly to make sure it’s clean, healthy, and safe.

One thing is for sure, regular care of your pool keeps the water clean and balanced, and your equipment functioning properly. Since 1991, Klean Pools has provided weekly pool maintenance and related pool services to hundreds of customers located in and around the Richmond, Virginia area (RVA). A variety of pool services can be provided during our weekly trips to your swimming pool. Typically, we perform the following pool maintenance tasks for our customers:

  • Clean the tile
  • Clean the surface line
  • Empty the skimmer basket(s)
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Empty the strainer basket
  • Backwash the pool filter system

Please note the our rates vary based on your swimming pool size and location.

Properly maintaining your swimming pool requires attention to detail and safety. Please call Klean Pools for your free swimming pool maintenance estimate and/or if you are looking for related pool services in the Richmond area: (804) 752-4800 (Ashland, VA).